The London Django Collective - Bute Jazz & Bute Manouche 2022

Jazz On Bute & Bute Manouche
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The London Django Collective

Matt Holborn / Kourosh Kanani Quartet
The Matt Holborn 4tet are
The Matt Holborn 4tet are:
Matt Holborn (violin) -  Kourosh Kanani (Guitar) -  Harry Diplock (Guitar)-  To be confirmed (Double Bass)
Matt Holborn is an improvising violinist based in London.
​Matt performs with The London Django Collective, Learn To Draw and curates nights for Soho Jazz Live. He has collaborated with and written music for The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, Domenico Angarano, Hull Jazz Festival, Elaha Soroor and the Spitalfield Music.
​He teaches jazz violin , makes podcasts and enjoys food, whisky and bad jokes ....
Matt is a Hull born, Edinburgh raised violinist. Learning classical music as a child before finding jazz and improvised music. A consummate performer who has entrenched himself in the study of Jazz, various forms of Romani and Eastern European fiddle styles and Hindustani Classical music. Matt has played all over the world, recorded on countless albums and also runs the Jazz Violin Podcast.
Kourosh Kanani is an extremely talented guitar player who has played alongside many top jazz artists.
Kourosh is of Iranian/Irish descent, growing up in Leeds, he learnt guitar from a young age picking up music from everywhere. Studying fingerstyle guitar and moving on to Django, then John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Iranian Classical Music and Karnatic Rhythm; Kourosh is an eclectic and powerful guitarist who has toured the world both as a performer and a teacher.
Matt Holborn and Kourosh Kanani have been partners in jazz for more than a decade, taking the acoustic stylings of Django Reinhardt and the sound of Jazz Manouche as inspiration to create their own improvisational language.
Harry Diplock Originally starting his journey from Devon to London in 2012 as a guitar builder, Harry soon became part of the jazz scene where his love of improvisation took over.
Now at the forefront of the gypsy jazz scene in the UK and co-founder of the London Django Collective, Harry has played all over Europe at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, Torino Jazz Club, 606 and La Monk Taverne de Cluny.
Harry is also an educator in the style and regularly teaches as well as hosting various workshops at jazz festivals.
Jazz On Bute & Bute Manouche are trading names of Bute Jazz Concerts Ltd.,
a non-profit company and a registered Scottish Charity SCO28601
All directors are volunteers and receive no remuneration.
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