Romacaleo - Bute Jazz & Bute Manouche 2022

Jazz On Bute & Bute Manouche
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Romacaleo approaches the soulful Gypsy Jazz of Reinhardt with a fresh, innovative yet historically rooted twist. Until the 2nd World War the Gypsies and Jews of Europe would frequently collaborate musically, their styles indelibly rubbing off on each other.

Romacaleo has re-ignited this relationship through the incorporation of infectiously capricious Klezmer and the swing of Benny Goodman.

In addition Romacaleo has recently smoothly incorporated Scottish folk into our repertoire, an innovation that makes the band a truly unique as an outfit - a testament to Glasgow's open multi-multiculturalism.    Having now won the hearts of audiences across Scotland and Europe, we are keen to bring our music to a stage near you.
A very talented violinist, Phil is also a virtuoso jazz pianist and accordionist and a Jewish music specialist. Phil lectures composition and ethnomusicology at Glasgow and Edinburgh universities.
MARTIN FELL - Clarinet and Saxophone
Active in the Scottish jazz scene for the past few years Martin  has been delving into the music of his East European Jewish forefathers.
He also loves fine leaf tea and single malt. Martin graduated with a BMus in Jazz and MA with Honours and is a director of the Tchai Ovna Tea House at 42 Otago Lane in Glasgow.
A proud Polish Roma musician, Ricardo is the grandson of celebrated Hungarian gypsy violinist Kirylo Sywak. Ricardo honed his virtuoso style in the caravans of Europe, hanging out with the greats. He also is a doting father of 5!
ARTUR SIWAK - Accordion and Guitar
The astoundingly acrobatic playing of Polish Roma musician, Artur, draws you irresistibly in to another time, another place, almost another world. He has a smile that could melt anyone's heart…
DAVID BOWDEN - Double Bass
David is the bass player in the Mercury award winning trio. led by pianist Fergus McCreadie.

Ariane is a talented French vocalist, also a Yiddish singer and a graduate of the Berkeley School of Music, USA

Jazz On Bute & Bute Manouche are trading names of Bute Jazz Concerts Ltd.,
a non-profit company and a registered Scottish Charity SCO28601
All directors are volunteers and receive no remuneration.
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