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Les Gitanes

We are based in the Isle of Bute, off the west coast of Scotland and play gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France.

Django Reinhardt was born in 1910 and became world famous as the lead guitarist in the Hot Club Quintet, which also featured Stephane Grappelli on violin and Django’s brother Joseph Reinhardt on rhythm guitar.

Sadly Django died on 15th May 1953 at the age of only 43, thus depriving the music world of an innovative and creative genius. His music lives on and continues to influence and inspire thousands of guitarist worldwide.

The gypsy line-up does not normally include a drummer, but relies on a driving rhythm guitar style known as “La Pompe” which provides percussive as well as harmonic support for the soloist.  Violin and clarinet lead instruments are often included.

We hope you will enjoy our music and if you would like to book us to play for you, please speak to a band member or contact us by telephone or email. We have a Facebook page on and a website at

We have released an album of Gypsy Jazz entitled ‘A Porter’s Love Call’ with guest clarinet player John Burgess.

Les Gitanes are:

Tim Saul -  Lead Guitar                   Alec Mack  - Lead Guitar

Keith McIntyre - Rhythm Guitar       Paul McKay - Bass