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Havana Swing

Havana Swing are inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt's fabulous quintet, the Hot Club de Paris. Havana Swing are the Dundee men who keep that Hot Club flame aglow, and it's a testimony to their ability and artistry that the Spirit of Django remains iconic, revered and most of all fantastic fun. "The animated, intense playing of Walt Smith, and the fine fiery ensemble rhythm-section combine to elevate this band."    Just Jazz magazine

Havana Swing  have gone to great lengths to emulate the sound and feel of this timeless music. In addition, the band perform their own compositions, which creates the opportunity to play original material in that inimitable jazz style so popular with jazz audiences throughout the world.

Based in Dundee, Havana Swing can be heard at annual Scottish Jazz Festivals, and they provide entertainment for weddings and corporate functions, birthday parties etc. at local jazz venues, hotels and restaurants.

Since the release of their recorded concert DVD "Django's Discovery" the band's following results in sell out festival audiences. Their commitment still extends to participating in the main European Jazz Festivals on the continent, while stating that the Bute ManoucheFestival compares with anywhere !  2019 marks the 33rd  anniversary of the founding of this phenomenal band!