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Bute Manouche 2021

Duved Dunayevsky
Bute Manouche 2021 welcomes Israeli guitarist Duved Dunayevsky, one of the most authentic interpreters of the traditional gypsy guitar style of Django Reinhardt.

Duved now lives in Paris and focuses on Swing music, in the 1930's style of Django Reinhardt and Eddie Lang.
In 2015, he won a "Talent and Competence" Visa from the French government and moved to Paris where he formed Duved‘s Hot Five.
See Duved and his band on and on
Duved will play two concerts and present a master class over the weekend.

Rose Room
Seonaid Aitken (violin & vocals) - Connor Smith (lead Guitar)
Tam Gallagher (rhythm guitar) - Jimmy Moon (double bass)

Award winning Scottish band Rose Room, led by Seonaid Aitken are the hottest ticket at the moment in Scottish Gypsy Jazz .

Most, if not all of us have been suffering from Rose Room withdrawal symptoms during the Covid-19 lockdown. Time to put the Coronavirus behind us as we welcome this fantastic award-winning band back to to Bute Manouche 2021.

Lead by acclaimed violinist & songstress Seonaid Aitken and ably backed by the exceptionally talented Connor Smoth, Tam Gallager with legendary Scottish luthier Jimmy Moon on double bass, listen to gypsy jazz at its very best.

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Paul Paterson Quartet
Paul Paterson (Guitar)   -   Charlotte Paterson (Double Bass)
Ross Baird (Guitar)   -   Dick  Lee  (Clarinet)
From Moscow to Las Vegas, Scottish gypsy jazz guitarist Paul Paterson has toured the world playing his guitar in various bands.
For Bute Manouche 2021 he will lead a hand picked quartet of top musicians playing 1930’s Hot Club Swing with passion and authenticity.
Paul Paterson plays with top gypsy jazz bands; Paul Paterson Trio/Quartet, Viper Swing and Flamingo Swing. He has also played with many of the top names in the gypsy jazz world, from David Reinhardt to Angelo Debarre and also runs the "Hot Club of Edinburgh" jam sessions.
Charlotte Paterson is a multi talented artist. As well as being in demand as a gypsy jazz bass player, she also works as the famous tattoo artist Venus Flytrap.
Ross Baird is a phenomenal guitarist who has played with many top gypsy artists including Seonaid Aitken, John Russell & Viper Swing. It is always a pleasure to watch Ross' inventive and skilled guitar solos.
Reed player extraordinaire Dick Lee is a living legend of the British jazz scene. Dick is so in demand as a jazz player that, it is probably easier to list who he hasn't played with. His witty and infectious soloing always delights any audience.
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The Manouchetones
Micky Dunne (guitar) - Karl Webb (guitar) - John McCormick (bass)
Micky Dunne was first introduced to the music of Django when he visited the annual festival at Samois sur Seine more than 20 years ago...and he has never looked back!

Equally at home on lead guitar or rhythm it is the latter where Micky found his calling he has been in demand for visiting musicians in the North West ever since. After spending 4 years touring the UK alongside the amazing Gary Potter he has worked with many of the top players on the Gypsy & Jazz scene including Romane, Gary Potter, Robin Nolan, John Jorgenson, John Wheatcroft, Daniel John Martin to name a few. Micky graduated from Salford University with a first class honours degree and is available for private lessons, sessions and workshops.

Karl Webb has been involved on the Liverpool music scene for more than 20 years. After forming numerous original bands in his younger days, Karl returned to his studies at LIPA gaining a first class honours degree and a special recognition award. Karl went on to form two critically acclaimed groups who were signed to Ninja Tunes (LOKA & Super Numeri). Equally at home tearing up a Hendrix track or playing Django note for note Karl brings a virtuosity to the band and an incredible amount of knowledge. Karl is available for private lessons.

"Count" John McCormick is something of a legend on the music scene in the North of England. During the 70's John was bass player and musical director of legendary folk group The Spinners with whom he travelled as far as Australia to sell out performances. John has played with some of the finest players in the UK and Ireland and regularly plays festivals all over Europe. The past 10 years or so has seen John and Micky provide the rhythm section for many players visiting Liverpool and the North West and they have a great understanding of each others playing. Nick-named Count because he never misses a beat John brings an innate sense of timing and provides the perfect anchor that the soloists can swing from as well as being a first class soloist himself!

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ROO GEDDES (Violin) - MARTIN FELL (Clarinet and Saxophone)
RICARDO WYSNIEWSKI  (Lead Guitar) - ARTUR WYSNIEWSKI (Accordion and Guitar)
LAURIE MOORE (Double Bass)
Deep roots in swing ……
Romacaleo approaches the soulful Gypsy Jazz of Reinhardt with a fresh, innovative yet historically rooted twist. Until the 2nd World War the Gypsies and Jews of Europe would frequently collaborate musically, their styles indelibly rubbing off on each other.
Romacaleo has re-ignited this relationship through the incorporation of infectiously capricious Klezmer and the swing of Benny Goodman. In addition Romacaleo has recently smoothly incorporated Scottish folk into our repertoire, an innovation that makes the band a truly unique as an outfit - a testament to Glasgow's open multi-culturalism.    Having now won the hearts of audiences across Scotland and Europe, we are keen to bring our music to a stage near you.

All the way from Billy Conolly's Partick in Glasgow Roo is one of the rising stars in almost all the scenes - classical, trad and jazz. He plays with the soul of an old wisened old man with the youthful athaleticism of a teenager... funny that.

MARTIN FELL - Clarinet and Saxophone
Active in the Scottish jazz scene for the past few years Martin  has been delving into the music of his East European Jewish forefathers. He also loves fine leaf tea and single malt.

A proud Polish Roma musician, Ricardo is the grandson of celebrated Hungarian gypsy violinst Kirylo Sywak. Ricardo honed his virtuosic style in the caravans of Europe, hanging out with the greats. He also is a doting father of 5!

ARTUR WYSNIEWSKI - Accordion and Guitar
The astoundingly acrobatic playing of Polish Roma musician, Artur, draws you irresistibly in to another time, another place, almost another world. He has a smile that could melt anyone's heart…

LAURIE MOORE - Double Bass
All the way from Glasgow's Clydebank, Laurie is a jazz bass maverick, with more skills under his fingers than years to his age. Busy with all sorts of projects, he's never happier than when he has his bass in his hand and his pint by his side!
Check out Romacaleo on and on Facebook

Les Gitanes
Tim Saul (guitar) - Alec Mack (guitar) - Paul McKay (bass)

Les Gitanes was formed in 2014 and are based on the west coast of Scotland.

We play gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France.

Django Reinhardt was born in 1910 and became world famous as the lead guitarist in the Hot Club Quintet, which also featured Stephane Grappelli on violin and Django’s brother Joseph Reinhardt on rhythm guitar.

Sadly Django died on 15th May 1953 at the age of only 43, thus depriving the music world of an innovative and creative genius. His music lives on and continues to influence and inspire thousands of guitarist worldwide.

The gypsy line-up does not normally include a drummer, but relies on a driving rhythm guitar style known as “La Pompe” which provides percussive as well as harmonic support for the soloist. Violin and clarinet lead instruments are often included.

We hope you will enjoy our music and if you would like to book us to play for you, please speak to a band member or contact us by telephone or email. We have a Facebook page on and a website at

We have released an album of Gypsy Jazz entitled ‘A Porter’s Love Call’ with guest clarinet player John Burgess.

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