Alex Bishop - Guitar Exhibition - Bute Jazz & Bute Manouche 2022

Jazz On Bute & Bute Manouche
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Alex Bishop - Guitar Exhibition

Guitar Exhibition - Alex Bishop Guitars
There will be an opportunity to see and try some fine instruments hand made by Alex Bishop
A selection of accessories and strings will also be available.

About Alex Bishop:
My passion as a guitar maker comes from a life-long obsession with making things. From a young age I have always tried to manipulate objects and materials in order to create something entirely different. I find that working with wood is a way for me to connect with nature. The simple act of shaping wood to make something functional or beautiful brings me endless satisfaction.
In January 2019 I moved the workshop to Bristol, where I continue to build gypsy jazz and folk guitars, and teach guitar making.

I have been fortunate enough to sell my first few guitars to some very talented, wonderful musicians and seeing them perform their music on my instruments was an invigorating experience. Since that moment I have known that I am on an endless journey to continue to produce finest-quality musical instruments, always striving for perfection and uniqueness with every instrument.
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